2016 Winners

Scottish Wildlife Behaviour Category
1st place: Andy Howard - Mating

© Andy Howard - Mating
© Andy Howard - Mating

Andy said: "To win this award twice in three years is a great honour. I take pride in using my camera to capture special and sometimes unique moments of wildlife behaviour.

"This image was taken at the end of one of the best days I’ve ever experienced as a wildlife photographer. My wife and I were visiting the small island of Fetlar, part of the Shetland Isles and we had already spent five hours observing and photographing a mother and cub Otter. We had then directed our attention to the RSPB reserve at Loch Funzie. The loch is literally roadside and a great location for both Red-throated Divers and Red-necked Phalarope. My main focus was on photographing the Divers up until the moment a pair of Phalarope dropped in close by to where I was. It was immediately obvious that something was afoot as the female bird was displaying to the male (Phalaropes are unlike most birds and have role reversal, the males incubate the eggs and do all of the brooding). To witness this was special enough but to actually see and photograph them mating was the ‘icing on the cake’ especially considering the light was just perfect for wildlife photography!"

2nd place: Iain Leach - Short-eared Owl Breakfast

© Iain Leach - Short-eared Owl Breakfast
© Iain Leach - Short-eared Owl Breakfast

3rd place: Gordon Rae - Homeward Bound

© Gordon Rae - Homeward Bound
© Gordon Rae - Homeward Bound

Shortlisted photographers:

Kirsty Andrews
Wendy Ball
Karen Berry
Sandy Cleland
Greg Coyne
Mick Durham
Tom Langlands
John Langley
Tracy Langley
Mark Medcalf
James Mina
Andrew Parkinson
Helena Spinks

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