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Scottish Nature Video Award 2017 Fees & Payment

Q. Why do you charge a fee to enter?
We keep the entry fees as low as possible whilst still helping to cover the costs associated with organising and running the competition, the website, and the exhibition.

Q. How many videos can I enter and how much does it cost?

You can enter up to 3 videos.
Entry fees are: £10.00 for one video. £15.00 for two videos. £20.00 for three videos.

Q. Can I pay using my PayPal account?
Yes. All online entries can be paid for via PayPal using your Paypal account.

Q. Can I pay by debit or credit card?
You can pay for online entries by a credit or debit card via Paypal. You do not need to register with Paypal or have a Paypal account if you just want to pay with your debit or credit card. We regret that we cannot accept credit or debit cards for postal entries. These must be sent with a cheque.

Q. Who do I make my cheque for a postal entry payable to?
Please make cheques for postal entries payable to “N & J Irvine”. Cheques can only be accepted from UK banks and postal entries will be accepted on clearance of the cheque. You can download a postal entry form here.

Q. Why do you ask for a telephone number on the Paypal checkout?
As a backup in case we have a problem getting an email through to you.

Q.What happens after I have paid my entry fee?
After you have completed the online entry checkout, we'll process your entry and send you an entry confirmation receipt and a link to upload your videos to our WeTransfer facility, which is set up to receive your files without you being charged a file transfer fee. There will also be instructions for submitting your video on disc by post if you would prefer to do this. Your entry confirmation receipt is completed by staff rather than automated so, although we're usually much quicker, please allow us up to 2 working days to send you the confirmation and upload details.

Please note that we will send your entry confirmation receipt and upload details to the email address supplied on your Paypal payment. To avoid delays, please make sure that the email address you supply is up to date and one you check regularly! If you haven't received your confirmation and upload details after 2 working days, please contact us.

If you enter by postal entry form and cheque, we will acknowledge receipt by email (or phone if you don't have an email address). If you don't hear from us within 5 working days of posting your entry, please get in touch with us in case there is a problem.

Scottish Nature Video Award 2017

Q. When do entries open?
Entries open on 10th September 2017.

Q. What is the closing date for the competition?
Entries close at midnight on 30th November 2017 (24:00 hours GMT) for ALL entries. No entries will be accepted after this date. If you enter online within the final week of the entry period (23rd November - 30th November 2017) you have until 4pm (16:00 hours GMT) on Thursday 7th December 2017 to upload your videos. This ONLY applies to entries placed in the week prior to, or on the closing date. All other images must be uploaded prior to the closing date. Postal entries with a postmark date of 30th November 2017 or before will be accepted if they are received after the closing date.

Q. When will I know if my video has been selected for the shortlist?
All entrants will be informed of the outcome of their entry and if any of their videos have been shortlisted in February 2018.

Q. When will the winner of the Scottish Nature Video Award be announced?
The winner will be announced in March 2018.

Video Usage

Q. How will my videos be used?
You retain full copyright of your video. The Scottish Nature Photography Awards aims to promote its competition and to provide a platform for promoting the filmmakers who take part. Therefore, we have made provision for license to use videos submitted (or where appropriate still image captures from the video) to the competition for that purpose as detailed in the competition rules. For any use that falls outside the scope of promotion of the competition, exhibition (as detailed in the rules) royalties will be discussed & negotiated with the filmmaker concerned.

Submitting Videos and Video Setup

Q. How do I submit my video?
Online – Once you have paid your entry fee online, you’ll be sent an entry confirmation receipt email along with a link to upload your videos to our WeTransfer upload facility. It is important that you use the link provided so that you can access our dedicated upload facility and therefore will not be charged a file transfer fee by WeTransfer (as long as files are under 20GB). If you wish to submit your video via your own preferred file transfer service, then you can email the link for download to the email address on your entry confirmation receipt email. However, you should remember that unless you already have an enhanced account, some file transfer services will charge for file transfers for large files such as videos. As an alternative, you can complete your entry fee payment online and then submit your video on disc by post and your entry confirmation receipt email will include instructions for this. You will not be able to submit your video via the photographic competition image uploader.

Q. What details will I need to submit with my video?
If you submit your video online you'll need to supply your name, email address and a title and short description for each video you enter. You can do this by adding the information to the message box on WeTransfer or by submitting a separate text file. For submission, your video should be saved with a filename that includes your name e.g. John_Smith_video1 or Jane_Jones_Glencoe.

For postal entries you'll need to supply your name, email address and a title and short description for each video you enter. You can do this by submitting a separate text file on your disc, or via a clear handwritten or printed note. For submission, your video should be saved with a filename that includes your name e.g. John_Smith_video1 or Jane_Jones_Glencoe.

If your video features a subject which required a licence for filming (e.g. Schedule 1 species), you should also supply details with your submission.

Q. Can I swap my video for another one once I've submitted it?
No, once you have submitted your video it cannot be replaced with another video.

Q. I’m having a problem uploading to the WeTransfer facility, what should I do?
If you are having any problems, please let us know. Depending on your internet connection, uploading large video files can be slow - remember upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds. If you are unable to upload your video to WeTransfer, then you can submit it on a disc by post.

Q. Is there a limit on the length of the video entered?
The video should be between 60 and 150 seconds in length.

Q. Which file type should I submit my video in?
Videos should be submitted as .mov, .mp4 or .avi.

Q. Which codec should I submit my video in?
Videos should be submitted in H.264, .mp4 or .mpeg4.

Q. Do I need to have a professional video camera?
No. Many standard DSLR cameras now come with a video setting. You can enter with a DSLR camera, camcorder, compact camera, smartphone or any other device that can capture the moving image as long as the video meets our requirement to be 720 pixels (HD) or 1080 pixels (FULL HD), so your work can be shown at a high quality in the exhibition.

Q. Is there a time limit on when the video was filmed?
Videos should have been taken within 5 years of the closing date of the competition i.e. 1st December 2012 onwards.

Q. What subject matter is eligible to enter?

All entries have to be filmed in Scotland and be on a nature, wildlife or landscape theme.
Our aim is that videos represent an aspect of Scottish nature as the main subject. As Scottish nature is diverse, that gives plenty of scope and you might want to submit a study of a wildlife species or a favourite landscape or produce a mini-documentary on an en
vironmental issue.

Videos of wildlife can be of native, resident or migrant wild species.
Subjects filmed in a studio setting or a captive environment are not eligible.

Q. Can I enter a timelapse sequence of still images?
Yes. A sequence of images captured over a period of time from a single point of view is acceptable.

Q. Can I enter a compilation of different still images?
No. This we would regard as a presentation/slide show of still images which would not be acceptable.

Q. Can I edit my video?
Yes. You can submit a video which has been edited e.g. a compilation of clips.

Q. Can I use effects on my video?
You can carry out basic enhancements (e.g. contrast) and use effects (e.g. slow motion, fades) but the main focus in your video should be a true representation of the subject matter so don't be tempted to overwhelm the viewer with effects.

Q. Can I enter a video with music, sound or narrative?
Yes. You can add music, sound or narrative voiceover to your video. Please ensure that you have all the relevent copyright as this will be your responsibility. For the judging process, it is important that your video is judged anonymously therefore if you use a narrative in your video, please do not use your name in the voiceover, although you may refer to yourself in the first person "I".

Q. Can I add titles/credits to the video?
You may add titles to the start or end of the video and if you use music any copyright credits should be included. However, f
or the judging process, it is important that your video is judged anonymously therefore please do not add your name to the titles/credits. You retain full copyright of your video. If your video is shortlisted, we will add your name to the start of your video for screening so that you are properly credited.

Q. Can I enter a video that has been entered in another competition?
Videos that have won an award or have been shortlisted/commended in a nationally or internationally promoted competition, or that have been entered in such a competition where the results are still pending, are not eligible for entry. You must ensure that any video you enter is not subject to any exclusive rights and that the video is your own and you have full copyright.

Q. Can I get my videos back after the competition?
We will return DVDs if requested and on receipt of a stamped, self-addressed envelope of appropriate size and value. Otherwise these will be destroyed. All videos uploaded via our WeTransfer facility will be deleted on completion of the judging process.

Scottish Nature Video Award 2017 Rules

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